Yvon Assur’Etudiant


want to focus on your studies?

Let Yvon take care of the rest with

7 insurance policies,
6 services and support packages.

Yvon Assur’Etudiant detail

A solution that’s :

  • Instant: the Civil Liability certificate you need to enrol in higher education is instantly available.
  • Bespoke: whether you’re a medical student, apprentice or on a sandwich course, Yvon has the right policy for you.
  • Comprehensive: Yvon covers you and supports you in every aspect of everyday life.

Insurance included :

  • Civil Responsibility: you’re covered for damage you cause to others or to equipment loaned by your school/university.
  • Personal Accident: you’re protected in the event of injury.
  • Loss/theft insurance for personal documents, bikes and musical instruments: don’t worry, you’ll be reimbursed. 
  • Insurance for fraudulent use of mobile phone: you’ll be reimbursed for any unauthorised usage.
  • Exam warranty: you can get up to 6000€ in damages in case you have to retake the year.
  • Financial sponsor death insurance: you’ll receive a monthly allowance of 350 € for 48 months so you can continue studying with peace of mind.
  • Daily damages for apprentices and sandwich course students: get 15 € every day you’re in hospital.


just 18 €/year

Services included:

Student life: An admin mentor to answer all your questions!

Budget: A budget mentor to help you stay on top of your finances and give you peace of mind.

Holiday: Support when you travel in France and abroad.


• Protection for the insured party in
   their everyday life

• Available 24/7

• Just a phone call away

In short:

• 7 insurance policies, 6 servicesand support packages
• Just 18€/year

Cash payment by credit card

Valid from the date of subscription on September 30 of the following year